Private Detectives Madrid |Why do partner infidelities happen?

Why do partner infidelities happen?

Are you residing in Madrid and facing what you do not expect? Are you doing investigation for private detectives in Madrid, look no further you are at the right place! Infidelity causes distrust and much pain in the couple. It arises when you do not find what you are looking for in your partner and your relationship does not meet your needs. If sincerity or honesty is one of your main values, this act will break you inside and the pillars with which you sustain the relationship will falter, and may even come down.

Not all couples in which infidelity occurs are separated, some are reconciled and continue their relationship overcoming the problem. In both cases, infidelity brings with it pain, loss of trust in the couple, loss of self-esteem, humiliation, impotence, anger and a lot of resentment. Hire a private detective in Madrid! When infidelity occurs, you may think that it is due to an important reason, but most of the time, it is far more banal situations. The main reason for women is the lack of attention and in men the search for “new adventures”.

Private Detectives Madrid
Private Detectives Madrid

Infidelities occur if;

  • Eat alone with friends of the opposite sex.

  • Entrust your partner’s problems to people of the opposite sex

  • Search ex-partners in social networks to reestablish contact.

  • Diminish closeness and intimate affectivity with the couple, leading the relationship to routine and custom situations.

  • Keep silent the feelings of loneliness and boredom that are suffered.

  • Envy the friendships of their friends.

  • Start to attend separately activities and events were previously used to attend as a couple.

  • Start or respond to looks, gestures, and words of adulation and flirting from friends or colleagues of the opposite sex, among many others.

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